Online workshop with Apulian Municipalities and local organizations
12 October via Skype
12 October 2020
Online workshop with Apulian Municipalities and local organizations for territorial promotion

Following the territorial mapping and the Call for writers that has identified 10 writers who have been entrusted with the creation of the short stories set in one of 5 selected Apulian hamlets (Bovino, CIsternino, Galatone, Pulsano and Vico del Gargano), the Agency Pugliapromozione proceeded with the implementation of the next project activities related to the diversification of the tourist destination by organising  an online workshop with entities for the promotion and development of the territory on 12th October 2020.

The workshop was a preparatory meeting for the organisation of guided tours in each of the 5 selected hamlets aimed at Proloco, IAT and Councillors for Tourism and / or Mayors. During this workshop, Ms Carmela Antonino from Agency Pugliapromozione presented the methodology for implementation of the guided tours while the representatives of the hamlets presented the 2-hour guided tour programme. The close collaboration between the Agency Pugliapromozione and local authorities and organizations therefore represents the key condition for carrying out project activities in the best possible way.