Online Event- Zoom Platform
27 May 2021

Agency Pugliapromozione is pleased to invite you to the “HAMLET Final Event and Literary Talk which will be held on 27 May 2021 exclusively online.

The event is organized by the Agency Pugliapromozione in the framework of the HAMLET Project - Highlighting Artisanal Manufacturing, cuLture and Eco Tourism, financed by the Interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme. 

Sustainable tourism and the intelligent management of natural and cultural heritage will be at the centre of the final event which will take place online. Products and services offered with the same standards, identified by the same brand capable of identifying the peculiarities of the Adriatic area through a common strategy. This was the goal of every single action put in place in three years of work as part of the Hamlet project in Puglia, Albania and Montenegro.

The first part of the event (entirely in English) will be dedicated to the final event of the project and the presentation of the most significant achievements, such as cross-border branding strategy, IT platform, investments in services for accessibility and tourism enhancement and sustainable development of tourism and handicraft support services.

After a discussion, conclusions and future perspectives, we will move on to the Literary talk with the writers of short stories set in 5 Apulian villages (Bovino, Vico del Gargano, Cisternino, Galatone and Pulsano) selected through a call organized by Pugliapromozione last spring. This part of the event will be entirely in Italian.

Please find attached the Agenda of the event.

For any further query, please write to us at: progettispeciali@aret.regione.puglia.it 

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In order to correctly participate in the event, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

Download or update the Zoom PC/Mac software or the mobile app: https://zoom.us/download

Connect to the event by clicking on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/s/81290496133?pwd=VDRpR0kwS29BbnVyb1VKZlpwZWJHdz09#success

Enter the ID and Passcode to access: ID meeting: 812 9049 6133  Passcode: 670283

Welcome and institutional greetings
• Aldo Patruno, Director of the Department of Tourism, Economics of Culture and Development of the Territory - Puglia Region • Entela Cipa, General Secretary - Ministry of Culture of Albania • Milena Ražnatović, Advisor for International Cooperation - Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Montenegro  • Zana Vokopola, Executive Director – Urban Research Institute • Rosamaria Derosa, President - CNA Bari 
Presentation of the project results
• Cross-border branding strategy, IT platform and territorial mapping (Elton Nino, Project Manager - Urban Research Institute) • Investments in services for accessibility and tourism enhancement (Jovana Drobnjak, Financial Manager - Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Montenegro) • Sustainable development of tourism and handicraft support services  (Carmela Antonino, RUP - Agency Pugliapromozione) 
Participants’ contribution and discussion
Conclusions and future perspectives
Introduction on the call for selection of 10 writers
Mini talks with the writers to officially present the short stories
• Projection of the Bovino guided tour promo video • Presentation of "Accadde domani" by Francesco Brescia • Presentation of "La particella di Majorana" by Raffaele Niro • Projection of the Vico del Gargano guided tour promo video • Presentation of "Lo sguardo" by Grazia Daltilia • Presentation of "Il bastone santo di Vico" by Federico Scarabino • Projection of the Cisternino guided tour promo video  • Presentation of “Fronte delle stelle” by Roberto Lacarbonara • Presentation of “Ferragosto con Julian” by Flavia Pankiewicz • Projection of the Pulsano guided tour promo video  • Presentation of “L’ultimo canto del gallo” by Tiziana Tomai • Presentation of “C’era una, due, tre volte a Pulsano” by Silvia Rizzello • Projection of the Galatone guided tour promo video  • Presentation of “Cercando Torakika” by Francesca Maruccia  • Presentation of “Era di maggio” by Valeria Nicoletti