Adriatic Festival in Gjirokastra Region
Gjirokastra Region
13 November 2020
Adriatic Festival in Gjirokastra Region, AL

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, due to  the implementation of  "HAMLET- Highlighting Artisanal Manufacturing, cuLture and Eco Tourism", , will organize the Adriatic Festival on 13-14-15 November 2020 in Gjirokastra, which will use the cooperation and participation of actors already involved in previous project activities, such as craft SMEs, tour operators , cultural associations and writers. A very important part of the festival agenda will be the historical revitalization, with the support of cultural associations, thanks to which inherited traditions and customs will be appreciated.

During the 3-day event, literary meetings will be organized, with the participation of writers already involved in the competition. As well as performances of artisans will be organized to highlight their products and professions.

Hamlet project aims to strengthen cooperation and networking between Italy, Albania and Montenegro, bringing to the same standard the level of products and services offered, reunited under a unique cross-border brand identity, able to identify the specifics of the Adriatic area and for this purpose the organization of the Adriatic Festival is planned. Through the realization of this festival will be reflected all the results from previous activities.